Jumaane Face

Jumaane Face was born in Washington DC and raised in P.G. County, MD. My early musical influences were reggae, calypso and jazz. My parents were from Trinidad and Tobago so they introduced me to my first music, reggae and calypso. As a child I was an insomniac and in the 70’s when you would try to listen to the radio at night the black stations would cut off at midnight so I would listen to the white stations. I was always a fan of the electric guitar, I love Jimi Hendrix and Prince and many others In the late 70’s early 80’s, when hip hop was created, I found a platform to which I fell in love with.’ My early hip hop influences were Run DMC, Newclues, Grand Master Melle Mel and the Furious 5, Kurtis Blow and the Fat Boys. In the late 80’s, upon arriving to high school, my love for hip hop came out in many different ways; beating on a desk, beating on lockers, playing music and having break dance battles and rapping in class where I met J. Mackie and he and I started to collaborate together.After high school the music was so much inside of me that I had to find a way to let it out and J. Mackie and I would go to his house and play around with the karaoke machine and rap. Upon many failed attempt of writing a song, if wasn’t until the death of my mother who committed suicide that I was able to find the inspiration to start writing songs about my pain. All the songs that I have written are stories about my life and experiences that I’ve been through and my music is my “therapy”. It’s cool to see people dance to my pain. I guess every artist/song writer comes to this reality when they become successful.